Get Media Coverage Coast-to-Coast with Mat Releases

Mat releases are a fast and economical way to deliver your brand message to a broad audience, while generating up to 1,000 placements and 100 million impressions in online sites, social channels, newspapers and magazines.

And for many PR pros, a key benefit of a mat release is "results peace of mind" since it typically comes with a placement and/or impressions guarantee.

But the reality is all mat releases are not created equal.

So, it's important to weigh your options.

3 criteria to look for in a partner:


1. Quality,
not just quantity, of placements


2. Multiple media touch points
including newspaper, online and even regional magazine coverage


3. Reporting transparency
– no out-of-whack multipliers

Family Features Mat Release

The Family Features Difference

Family Features is a leading creator and distributor of mat releases, with a reputation for delivering quality placements you can really merchandise, not just a numbers tally.

With our average projects generating 800+ placements, our mat releases can help extend your campaign reach. Beyond the numbers, we also deliver a higher-quality, better placement as well as transparent reporting with no outrageous multipliers.

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Mat Releases 101

What is a Mat Release?

The term mat release dates back to the 1950s, and was once defined as a camera-ready, typeset black and white article featuring a photo. The term comes from a time when newspapers were physically laid out and formatted. The process is electronic now, but the name remains the same.

Today’s mat release is generally a ready-to-publish, consumer-related article with associated imagery that print editors (both newspapers and magazines) as well as online outlets can use to supplement in-house editor content in their publications.

Key Attributes of a Mat Release:

  • Content that integrates your brand message and “consumer takeaways”
  • Quick and easy execution, typically a 5-day turnaround
  • Perfect for time-sensitive announcements and reminders
  • Approximately 300-500 words
  • Up to 2 images, and your company’s mention and/or website URL
  • AP writing style - a high quality standard preferred by journalists
  • Comprehensive reports that detail every download, placement and valuation of our project
How It Works

Story Development

Product messages and visuals are crafted into an editorially-themed story


Media Distribution

Project is promoted and distributed to media outlets across the country


Results Delivery

Placements are tracked and reported

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Mat Release Case Studies

Take a look at a few case studies from some of our recent projects. Like what you see? We would love to do something similar for you. Contact Family Features today to get more information.

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Mat Releases in Action

Mat Releases in Action

Not sure how mat releases could work for your product or service? Check out how others have successfully utilized this tactic.

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Success Tips

Enhance Appeal to Editors

Enhance Appeal to Editors

Making content available to editors 60-90 days in advance is the best way to maximize your visibility.
Whether it’s a popular theme like family dinner recipes or a special holiday, tying your brand to a high-demand editorial theme attracts strong attention from editors.
Stories with common language (not jargon) and key words that are direct and transparent make for compelling reads that pique the interest of both editors and their readers.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Stand Out from the Crowd

Invest in photography that will reproduce well in black & white, and be sure to make people in your photos as culturally diverse as possible.
Go beyond providing common sense advice or information to offer readers new ways to solve a problem, tackle a project, host a gathering, etc.
Enhance your story by pairing it with eye-catching infographics, which are popular among readers and editors alike.

Craft Eye-Catching Headlines

Craft Eye-Catching Headlines

Keep brand mentions and marketing messages light, as editors don’t want their readers to feel “sold” to.
Remember you’re competing for coverage with tons of other brands, so general phrases such as “Summer Recipes for the Family” get lost in the shuffle. A detailed headline, such as “Quick Summer Sides with Fresh Vegetables” is more likely to grab an editor’s attention.
It’s true that clever phrases or word plays can grab an editor’s attention, but if they don’t get a clear snapshot of your content, they are more likely to move on to the next option.

Want more tips for your mat release content?

Take a look at some recent blog posts for ideas and inspiration.
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