Deliver Branded Content to Millions of Consumers
with a Mat Release

Mat Releases are a fast and effective way to deliver branded content to a broad audience. When done right, a Mat Release can generate up to 1,000 placements of branded content and 100 million impressions in newspapers, magazines, online and via social media.

Mat Releases also provide peace of mind for marketers and public relations professionals because they typically provide a guaranteed number of impressions along with detailed tracking of placements.

Mat Releases deliver:

  • Content that integrates your brand message with consumer tips and takeaways
  • Approximately 300-500 words
  • Up to 2 images

  • A call to action including a branded website drive
  • Quick and easy execution, typically a 5-day turnaround
  • Content formatted to follow AP style - the standard preferred by publications
  • Comprehensive reporting, tracking and ROI measurement

But not all Mat Releases are created equal.

It's important to keep three key things in mind:


1. Quality placements
not just quantity.


2. Multimedia placements:
Newspapers, magazines, online and social media


3. Transparent, real-time reporting

The Family Features difference

For more than 40 years, Family Features has worked with brands and their agencies to create and deliver relevant, timely content to consumers through print, digital and social media channels. Our average project generates more than 800 placements to help extend the reach of each client’s campaign via high-quality placements with detailed reporting and tracking.

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Mat Releases 101

How It Works

Content Consultation and Creation:

Our creative and content delivery teams work with brands and agencies to develop and/or fine-tune branded content to maximize placements and impressions. The final materials are crafted by our in-house production team to deliver key messages.


Content Distribution and Promotion:

Our team distributes and promotes branded content to our network of more than 4,000 digital, print (newspaper and magazine) and social media outlets.


Results Tracking:

Track your guaranteed placements and engagements in real-time using our industry-leading reporting site.

What is a Mat Release?

The term “mat release” dates back to the 1950s and was originally a camera-ready, typeset, black and white article featuring a photo. The term comes from a time when newspapers were physically laid out and formatted. The process is electronic now, but the name remains the same.

Today’s mat release is generally a ready-to-publish, consumer-oriented article with associated images that newspapers, magazines and websites use to supplement their in-house content.

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Mat Release Case Studies

Here are examples of recent Family Features Mat Releases that delivered big results. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you deliver similar results, contact Family Features today.

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Mat Releases in Action

Mat Releases in Action

Not sure if a Mat Release would work for your product or service? Check out examples of how others have successfully used
Mat Releases.

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Tips for Effective Mat Releases

Enhance Appeal to Editors

Enhance Appeal to Editors

Whenever possible, make content available at least 1-2 months in advance of your target date to maximize magazine and newspaper placements.
Find ways to connect your content to timely themes (back-to-school, summer, spring cleaning) or holidays.
Be direct and minimize the use of jargon.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Stand Out from the Crowd

Provide photography that looks great in black and white or color and use photos that appeal to a diverse group of people.
Provide information that offers readers a new way to solve a problem, tackle a project, host a gathering, etc.
Enhance your content with eye-catching infographics that help tell the story.

Craft Eye-Catching Headlines

Create Eye-Catching Content

Keep brand and marketing messages light so readers feel informed, not sold to.
Generic, passive headlines tend to get lost in the shuffle. Use the headline to tell people how to take action by reading your content.
Provide readers with clear, easy-to-use tips, decorating ideas, recipes or next steps so they can take action from your content.

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Take a look at some recent blog posts for ideas and inspiration.
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